Elisabeth Bond
born 1947, is a spiritual teacher, healer, artist and author. 
Her transformative lightwork awakens universal consciousness. International teaching. 

She lives in Switzerland near Berne.


The Language of Light
by Elisabeth Bond
A handbook for the children of light on earth 

280 pages, stitched book 

CHF 32.-, Euro 20,-

ISBN 3-9520854-7-2 
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The Wisdom of Things -
A path of Initiation

by Elisabeth Bond
288 pages, Hardcover
CHF 33.-, Euro 21,-
ISBN 3-9520854-24-2
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Spectrum of life
by Elisabeth Bond

Spiritual insights into the eternal journey of the soul
304 pages, Paperback
CHF 35.-, Euro 22,-
ISBN 978-3-9520854-34-6
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"Dimensions" - A Series of Booklets by Elisabeth Bond
The need for spiritual key-information is growing in this time of awakening into the larger universal connections. This key-information proivides the basics of the cosmic laws in an enlightened language. 

The series "Dimensions" is an invitation to awaken the wisdom of light in the heart of every human being. It is an invitation to integrate this wisdom in the physical material world and to live it consciously. This inspiring collection of themes is a guide on the individual universal everyday path. It brings clarity into the interaction of the ethereal and material levels, it brings orientation and knowledge of the synthesis of light and matter. The different themes are like perles of consciousness in the chain of eternal truth. Every pearl brings remembrance and realization into human life.
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