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The language of Light
by Elisabeth Bond

A handbook for the children of light on earth 
280 pages, Paperback  
CHF 35.-, Euro 22,-
ISBN 978-3-9520854-7-9 

The personal and independent awakening of people to the great universal network is now becoming an every day occurrence on our planet. And at this time of inner and outer transformation more and more people are asking:

  • How do I get in contact with my inner self? 
  • How can I live the spiritual laws in every moment of my daily life? 
  • What is possible for me? 
This book builds a bridge between cosmic and earthy laws; between above and below. It provides support for connecting outer life with the divine inner centre. And to trust - to trust yourself, to trust those around you, the moment, evolution and creation.

A book for you personally with which you can recognize that your conscious thoughts and emotions are part of the universal plan. This book will help you to follow your path of development with joy. 

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